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Angel Investing Thesis

Here's what I believe in: 

  • Using business and technology to create markets that target non-consumers allowing them to become more productive and achieve a better quality of life. 

  • Talent is evenly distributed but opportunities are not.

What Markets do I invest in?

Markets that look at non-consumption including the following sectors:​

  • Energy

  • Agriculture

  • Education 

  • Healthcare

  • Housing 


What am I looking for?

Teams with the right experience that are passionate about tackling real problems in society through scalable entrepreneurship. I usually invest in start ups at the pre-seed and seed investment stages.


How can I add value?

Expertise: Product Development and Systems Thinking 

Industry experience: Energy, Security and Public Sector

Network: United Kingdom and Africa

Let's Work Together

If you think you meet the above requirements please feel free to send over a pitch deck to and let's get working!

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